Brand New Jersey Politicos Attack Federal Anti-Gambling Bill

 Brand New Jersey Politicos Attack Federal Anti-Gambling Bill

‘Congress should leave us alone!’- was the response of Senator Lesniak as he denounced an Adelson-backed anti-gambling bill last week.

‘ The bottom line: Congress should leave us alone!’ this is the verdict from New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak (D-Elizabeth) along with other Garden State legislators, who used the state’s yearly Chamber of Commerce trip to Washington DC last week being a platform to denounce the Restoration of America’s Wire Act.

Lesniak, along side Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, Senate Majority Leader Lou Greenwald and Senate President Steve Sweeney, called on Congress to reject the bill, that is supported by vegas Sands chairman Sheldon Adelson, and would efficiently outlaw all forms of online gambling nationwide (aside from horse racing), even the online sale of lottery tickets.

Keep it towards the States

‘New Jersey policymakers took the effort to modernize our video gaming industry through online video gaming,’ said Greenwald.’Yet Congressional action threatens to destroy this innovative and fledgling effort before it’s to be able to be successful on its very own merits. This problem should be left to the states, who are best positioned to decide if and how gaming that is online work in their communities, not by Washington.’

The bill ended up being introduced final month by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), and disputes the Dep Read More

Vintners Oppose Napa Valley Casino. Some area vintners are upset

Vintners Oppose Napa Valley Casino. Some area vintners are upset about the likelihood of a Napa Valley casino into the famous winemaking region in California.

There’s a heady bouquet of acrimony emanating from the Napa Valley at the minute, where winemakers are turning claret with rage over the possibility of a casino besmirching their fertile soil and lush fields.

The casino may be part of a long-lasting aspiration for the Mishewal Wappo Tribe of Native Americans, for whom the Napa Valley is just a historical homeland, which can be currently suing the US government for federal recognition. The Wappo leaders are attempting to restore the status that is federal lost underneath the California Rancheria Termination Act of 1958, which particularly affected small tribal groups in California.

Recognition would enable the tribe to circumvent local zoning and to pursue economic development, which would theoretically allow it to develop a casino without seeking approval from the community. Ca currently has 65 gambling enterprises operated by 64 different tribes.

According to a study by Los Angeles-based Beacon Economics, tribal gaming supports about 56,000 jobs in California and, in 2012, the state’s casino workers took home $2.9 billion in wages.

Casino Would ‘Upset Agricultural Balance’

But the issue with a casino amongst the world-famous vineyards of the Napa Valley, as the vintners point out, is that a Napa County legal ordinance offers priority to ‘agricultural land use,’ Read More

Navy Back Admiral Timothy Giardina Found Guilty of Gambling Charges

Navy Back Admiral Timothy Giardina Found Guilty of Gambling Charges

Rear Admiral Tim Giardina was removed from his post at STRATCOM after using counterfeit gambling chips at an Iowa casino. (Image: U.S. Navy)

Right Here’s something most individuals would agree with: watching over the nuclear arsenal of the united states of america is a fairly serious career. And while we might sometimes believe our personal life should not affect our job status, it seems sensible that you’d want to leave this specific duty in the hands of someone who does not have any skeletons inside their cabinet.

Counterfeit Chips Unbecoming an Officer

This is exactly why whenever it came out that Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina was under investigation for reportedly using counterfeit chips at an Iowa casino last year, it took almost no time at all for him to be suspended in September. Not long after, he had been demoted from three-star ranking to two-star, fired from his job as the deputy commander of US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), and reassigned to a staff officer position in Washington.

Of program, their activities additionally meant he’d be facing charges. Earlier this week, Giardina was found guilty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. According to a statement from the US Navy, Giardina ended up being convicted on two counts of ‘conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.’

‘ The first count involved Giardina lying to an investigator,’ the Navy declaration read. ‘The second related to circu Read More

British FOBT Review Suggests New Limitations

British FOBT Review Suggests New Limitations

The united kingdom government is set to introduce restrictions that are new FOBTs and the betting shops that host them. (Image:

Let me tell you, fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) have actually been the single biggest issue for UK bookmakers within the last few months. The machines are highly lucrative, but their spread has resulted in critique which they will also be predatory and addictive. Which includes led to numerous calls for restrictions on the devices and it looks like the us government is about to meet up those requests.

A recent review by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) into the policies governing FOBTs has discovered a few methods by which the machines could better be controlled. The review, led by Minister for Sport, Tourism and Equalities Helen give, found four areas by which improvements could be made: exactly how to cope with the quantity of UK shops that are betting player defenses, training, and gambling advertising.

‘Following a process of policy review, I have always been adopting a precautionary approach with targeted and proportionate action to guard players further when using high stake video gaming machines on the high street,’ give said.

Makes up about High-Stakes Players

Maybe the absolute most notable change comes for folks who want to bet a substantial amount of cash during a session. The review proposes rules that are new will require anyone who really wants to Read More