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Between disc-based games and downloadable titles, the Nintendo Wii sports a comprehensive library of software. Nevertheless, emulators provide even more options for gamers. With these emulators, you can play virtually any retro video game on the Nintendo Wii. The game console Nintendo Wii was released in 2006 by Japan’s Nintendo Company.

  • It seems as if it works in 0.9.4, tested website with the Insight GDB variant on windows with a recent devKitPro.
  • There is a bug that breaks it in linux, which has been fixed for 0.9.5+ along with some other work on that system.
  • Then, another user with a Supercart could download it, apply the Supercard DLDI patch, and it would work on their flashcart, too.
  • So, if one user has an M3 flashcart, and downloads a program, they could patch it with the M3 DLDI patch and the program would work with it.
  • The same patch should let the flashcart work with any libfat based program.

Although a Nintendo device, the Wii is more than capable of running ROMs from other consoles. WiiSX and PCSX-Revolution allow for PS1 gaming on the Nintendo Wii. Install WiiSX or PSCX-Revolution to play classics like Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy VII on your Nintendo Wii. Despite the abundance of NES, SNES, and N64 games on the Virtual Console, the addition of Nintendo emulators for Wii adds even more opportunity to play retro games on the Wii. With FCE Ultra GX, you can revisit the likes of The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy III, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Because it’s an older console, Atari 2600 titles are easy to emulate on pretty much any hardware. As such, the Nintendo Wii can handle any Atari 2600 ROMs you throw at it. StellaWii provides the functionality to play Atari 2600 games on the Nintendo Wii. For Atari 7800 gaming on the Wii, check out the aptly named Wii7800.

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Although the PS2 and Xbox had the traditional genres of games, the Wii on the other hand, opened up the video console market, establishing itself at first positions with the biggest base of users. Moreover, it is considered the most stable emulator that can open ROMs of six and seventh generation consoles. When using this tool, you can easily open your favorite game and jump into an incredible world of adventures at any moment. This library is slightly less mainstream than all destinations reviewed above. The platform doesn’t host millions of downloads, but on the other hand, it also collects more exclusive files with games known only to die-hard fans.

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