On being a lady, mother and wife in Kenya

On being a lady, mother and wife in Kenya

Three ladies discuss marriage, what girls need today, and women’s liberties

We talk with three Kenyan females whom all reside in exactly the same high thickness area in metropolitan Nairobi, and whom span three generations. Gertrude is 20-something, Evelyn is 40-something and Calenha is 60-something.

They candidly share their life experiences, battles and viewpoints: from physical physical physical violence into the house, to parenting, to functions and respect. Worryingly they have been unified inside their sound that physical physical physical violence continues to be greatly an issue in households. Today but also that, most importantly, it is education that can make life fairer for girls.

On wedding and functions

Gertrude (20s): i have already been hitched for 9 years to Allan. In the 1st several years of wedding it had been quite difficult to deal. We just got as much as Form 4 in college. Whenever my dad passed away I experienced to keep and work. Read More